Full Show Video: Leftover Salmon @ The Vic 11/15/13

I expected to have a bit more coverage of this show closer to when it happened, but I hope that this makes up for it a mere two months later.

Slowly, in the weeks that followed Leftover Salmons November 15th gig at The Vic, videos from YouTuber MyTallTripod have surfaced.  Not only do these look great (MTT does have mad video skills), but the audio is also synched to the soundboard recording from livesalmon.com.  Tasty

The final video made it up recently, and I decided to make an playlist of it.  There's plenty to like here, including the "Breaking Through" and a fourteen minute take on "River's Rising".


Mama Boulet, Midnight Blues, Get Up and Go, The Other Side, High Country, Amnesia, Country Blues, Madaam, Bird Call, Jokester, Light Behind The Rain, Breakin' Through, Live It High, Boogie, Blister In The Sun, River's Rising

Salmon at The Vic

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