Music Streaming with YouTube Key: Is 7.99 the new 9.99?

YouTube has announced a paid subscription service, YouTube Key, which will allow users to stream videos and music. Along with the release, YouTube will also offer non-video, full-album streaming for free on the website.

YouTube is teaming with Google Play to secure artists’ discographies, which subscribers to YouTube Key have access to free of advertisements. Subscription also grants access to ad-free “YouTube official music videos,” distinguishing the application from similar services like Spotify, Rhapsody or Pandora.

The service will cost $9.99 a month, though YouTube currently offers a $7.99 monthly promotional rate.

YouTube also updated its homepage for non-subscribers, adding a “music” tab that allows users to organize and toggle through songs and artists based on recently watched videos as well as YouTube trends.

A beta version of YouTube Key is being released on an invite-only basis on November 17, according to Billboard,who leaked rumors of the service more than a year ago.

- Alex Wood

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