Stream / Download: A Fun-As-Hell Phish Soundcheck from Lake Tahoe 7/30/13

I saw this soundcheck listed on setlist page and immediately did a double take.  I have to say that upon listening, it's as fun as it reads.  Much appreciation and many thanks to the heads-up person that captured and shared this.  It made it pretty far around the Internet as a mediafire download this morning, but thought I'd set it up here for as a stream to make it a bit easier to listen to (with the song timings in case you want to skip around).

0:00 My Soul
7:10 Ginseng Sullivan
10:00 Jam >
18:51 Dog Log >
21:00 Buffalo Bill / Jet (Wings) >
28:08 Power Of Soul

Here's the complete setlist.  Listen the show over at Phish Tracks.

[phishnet date="2013-07-30" apikey="FEE04934010D2C826D52"]


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