VIDEO | Butch Trucks Sits In With Phish, Teaches You To Play 'Whipping Post'

Throwing it back on this Thursday to November 16th of 1995, when Phish got a visit from Butch Trucks in West Palm Beach Florida.

Given the location and time period, I'm a bit shot this video exists.  Video footage has been uploaded by IkoIko95.  Butch takes Fish's kit, leaving the drummer to prowl the stage and offer a few trombone blasts on "Possum" while alternatingly pounding away on Trey's Fall 95 mini-percussion kit.

Listen carefully for a few "One Way Out" licks from Trey as well.

With only a few pans over to Butch, perhaps you'd enjoy a bit more?  Here's a video drum lesson for one of the Brothers' most popular songs.

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