Phish's Tweezer Reprise Used To Introduce Atlanta Falcons During Super Bowl LI Broadcast

Phish fans have long known that "Tweezer Reprise" is the best three mintues in rock.

After tonight, many more millions got a taste.  It doesn't get much bigger than the Super Bowl for eyes (and ears), and Fox used the tune as a part of the hype video for the Atlanta Falcons just prior to kick-off.

And, hey, that's actor Ving Rhames as the hype man. He's not Atlanta Falcons superfan Samuel L. Jackson, but they did co-star in Pulp Fiction.

UPDATE:  Seems like Trey was just as suprised as we were.  Phish road manager Brad Sands shared his text message exchange with the guitarist on facebook.  Unbelievable! (H/T @livemusicblog)

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