The History & Future Of The Music Industry In Four Panels

Webcomic The Oatmeal is extremely popular.  So much so that Matthew Inman, its creator, was able to motivate tens of thousands of donations to charity (including the building of a goddamn Tesla museumte...not the Tesla you're thinking of music fans) entirely via mentioning it on his blog.  So, while the site probably doesn't need much more exposure, I thought this recent take on The State Of The Music Industry, was crafted with a keen enough eye to warrant sharing in our InfoGraphics section.  It quite simply points out that the entrenched barriers. reinforced by a restricted flow of information, served to enrich those with capital -- not creativity -- in the past.

Those barriers are coming down and have been for over a decade -- artists are more empowered than ever to bring their music directly to the masses, or at least their specific audience if they can pull the right sonic and social levers.  Additionally, it reinforces the sincere belief that I've put forth in these pages many times: the way that we collectively transform the music industry is by switching the commercial conversation from recordings to live events.  Support the artists you love and the venues and promoters that treat them right.

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