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This is a fascinating subject that I've thought way too much about: how likely is it that a band moves from clubs to theaters and larger venues?

For some bands, simply headlining any venue is the reward, but others strive to move on, climbing the ladder to bigger and bigger rooms in time.

Russell Goldenberger and Dan Kopf, with data sourced from Songkick, broke down the chances of a band by looking at the NYC market for

Their research produced this visual, where each tiny dot represents a band playing at a certain level from 2013-16.  From over 7,000 bands headlining at a club with 700 or less, capacity, that number decreased to 400 at the next tier (the green dots).  Once they got to 3,000 capacity rooms, only 22 of bands that qualified for the study (the pink dots) survived.


Cool, right?  But it gets even cooler once you click through to their interactive page.  You'll get to see who made it and how they made. There's even a list of every band included in the study, and their growth (or not) during the time period.

Check it out.

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