Steve Jobs, Apple, and Music: Understanding Genius Via Charts & Graphs

There’s nothing I can say about the vision and leadership of Steve Jobs that hasn’t been said more eloquently in eulogies by people that were close to him.

I can, however, offer some of the best visualizations on Apple’s way of revolutionizing the music industry.

First, is a radial timeline the first ten years of the iTunes and iPod universe by Filip Chudzinski. (Click for more detailed views)

While the iPhone 4S launch may have underwhelmed, and will be forever viewed in a new context after yesterday’s news, past keynotes have successfully employed music to generate excitement.  Here’s a look (via Mashable):

In 2010, iTunes surpassed 10 billion downloads, here are a number of graphs that show how Apple got there.  Click the image for more information via

Finally, graphically inclined web-comic XKCD published a lovely tribute to Jobs this morning.  The flame burns on.

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