Gary Burton In The Jazz Underground

This installment of Notes From The Jazz Underground features the playlist based on the January 24th show.

Here's what I love about Jazz Underground: I get to discover musicians that have been hiding in plan site forever.

This show was partially a tribute to Gary Burton for his birthday.  I admit, I'm no Gary Burton expert.  In fact, I couldn't even have told you that he played vibraphone.  But after listening to this playlist and doing a little bit of research, I'm fascinated by his recorded output and his life story.

The only snag, Burton's 70s / 80s label, ECM, doesn't "do" Spotify, so it's definitely worthwhile to check out the YouTube videos for the two cuts from this era below -- an unbelievable marriage of jazz and psychedelia.

As usual, NFTJU host Paul Abella complements some Burton with some wild and weird material including Ozric Tentacles, new stuff from Joe DeRose, and a sweet jam from Freddie Hubbard and Stanley Turrentine.  There's some jazz / jam crossover stuff here, too, like Snarky Puppy and locals Spare Parts.

Of particular note, the Donny Hathaway tune is a fine example of him showing off his live band.  Paul says, "while usually those kinds of things are boring as hell, with a band as good as Hathaway's, it funky and brilliant."

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Complete Playlist

Track - Artist - Album

Coily Ozric Tentacles Waterfall Cities
New Frontiers Joe DeRose and Amici Peace Streets
Led Boots Jeff Beck Wired
Nick's Tune M13 One Human, Too Human
Bulldog Frank Macchia Grease Mechanix
Hornets Freddie Hubbard & Stanley Turrentine In Concert
The Beach Gary Burton Lofty Fake Anagram
The Raven Speaks Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett
Henninger Flats Gary Burton Throb
Four in One Chick Corea & Gary Burton Native Sense
Como En Vietnam Gary Burton Times Square
Walter L Gary Burton Quartet Live
Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly Gary Burton The New Quartet
Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) Donny Hathaway Live!
Gone Under Snarky Puppy feat. Shayna Steele Family Dinner
Stone Flower Antonio Carlos Jobim Stone Flower
Bundled Don Peretz & Oz Noy Manufactured Region
Thanks Mr. Brown Spare Parts Spare Parts

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