Notes From The Jazz Underground Says Goodbye (For Now)

This edition of Notes From The Jazz Underground was inspired by the September 2nd (and final) playlist.

Yes, it was a bittersweet goodbye.  We've enjoyed featuring these playlists here weekly, but with a schedule change for show host Paul Abella, he's going to press the pause button on what was undoutably the most diverse jazz show on the airwaves.

That said, the final show touched on many of the ideas that have found there way into tighter programmed episodes found its way into this more flowing final broadcast.

If you've been a listener, or even a follower of these posts, you'll know that jazz via punk rock will often pop up.  Here we have Black Flag and the Flying Luttenbachers to represent that aspect of the show.

But there's that diversity again.  Paul follows that crazy barely-jazz with some relatively straight ahead stuff (Eddie Harris, Duke Ellington, Jasper Hoiby).  Check out this track by Tim Hagans & Bob Belden from a Blue Note tribute album.

But just as quickly, we head to the electronic element -- surely you'll remember Dave Douglas and Jeff Parker from past broadcasts. The set is rounded out with prog/fusion (Bob James, Ozric Tentacles), funk (Big Sam's Funky Nation), and one of the towering legends of NFTJU, Pat Metheny, and a truly weird cut.

The rubber band snaps back as David Bowie makes an appearance from the not-on-Spotify Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Just about everything is covered, but jambands did get the squeeze.  Sorry, no Dead or UM or even Zappa, who have been mainstays on the program.

Regarding the end-of-the-line and the diversity of the offerings from week to week, Abella becomes reflective, "Some folks do the free/avant-garde thing, some folks do the straight ahead thing, some folks do the ultramodern thing and some folks do the funky thing, but I smooshed 'em all together and hopefully made cohesive radio out of it.  I can't speak for anybody else, but I hope I can get back to it in some form or another before too long."

The door is open here for more from Paul's large library of jazz knowledge.  I'm sure we can find a place for something NFTJU-like in the future.  Stay tuned.

Chris Potter's Underground - The Wheel

Track Artist Album
Straight To It Big Sam's Funky Nation King of the Party
Next Door Erik Truffaz Walk of the Giant Turtle
Black Villain Music Ben Williams Coming of Age
Screw the Law Black Flag The Process of Weeding Out
Part IV Pat Metheny Zero Tolerance for Silence
Final Variation on a Theme Called Attack Sequence The Flying Luttenbachers Destroy All Music
Loom Large Dave Douglas Dark Territory
The Believers How to Destroy Angels How to Destroy Angels
Plastic Island Jasper Hoiby Fellow Creatures
Black Root Rahsaan Roland Kirk Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata
Mama Soul Harold Alexander Sunshine Man
Nautilus Bob James One
Siete Ocho Bob Belden/Tim Hagans Ensemble Blue Note" Same Now as Then
Funky Doo Eddie Harris High Voltage
Caravan Duke Ellington Money Jungle
Great Expectations Mark Isham Miles Remembered
Sunhair Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift
Nature Boy David Bowie Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Rat Pack DJ Logic Zen of Logic
How Fun is it to Year Whip? Jeff Parker The New Breed
Catbird Seat Shawn Maxwell New Tomorrow
The Wheel Chris Potter Underground 



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