Notes From The Jazz Underground Writes Itself

This playlist from Notes From the Jazz Underground is based on the August 12th broadcast.

According to NTFJU host Paul Abella, "this week was an enigma of a show."  While the typical show comes together with over five hours of prep, this one was ready to go in two hours flat.  "It was one of those magical shows where the show played me instead of me playing the show."

Thematically, it centered around two ideas:

1. Getting some great homegrown music out into the ether, and

2. Celebrating the birthdays of Pat Metheny and Donny McCaslin. 

Pat's obviously a big name, and for good reason - his (mainstream) music is accessible, even to folks that might not usually consider themselves jazz fans.  He's obviously talented as can be, and even when making something along the lines of smooth jazz with the Pat Metheny Group, there's always a sense of adventure to what he's doing.  He also happens to make some incredible music when he pairs up with another talent that can push him to the next level.  So, peep the Scofield and Metheny disc, I Can See Your House From Here, and his excursion into free jazz with Ornette Coleman.

Donny McCaslin is, along with Chris Potter and Dave Douglas, making some of the most exciting music out there right now.  He's really bringing fusion, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century, with some 21st century ideas, and it doesn't hurt that he's got monster drummer Mark Guiliana with him.  Mark's led the way in taking EDM ideas back into the acoustic realm and really making them work.

Also in this week's playlist (speaking of amazing drummers)...Benny Greb.  Oh man. 

Also look out for Chicagoans Marbin, Hood Smoke, Spare Parts and, on a bit more of a "traditional" tip, Kurt Elling.  And, almost local: Youngblood Brass Band, out of Madison - they merge brass band jazz and hip-hop, and they're amazing at it. 

Notes From The Jazz Underground airs Friday nights at 10pm on WCDB 90.9 FM.

Metalwood - The Past Before You

Complete Playlist - Track / Artist / Album

The Past Before You - Metalwood - Twenty

Summertime - Kenia - On We Go

Morning Star - Marbin - Aggressive Hippies

Manresa - Donny McCaslin - Soar

Stadium Jazz - Donny McCaslin - Casting for Gravity

Underground City - Donny McCaslin - Fast Future

Two Wrongs - Hood Smoke - Laid Up In Ordinary

Funky Fareed (w/Fareed Haque) - Spare Parts - Warehaus Sessions, volume 1

Movin' On Up - Hustlers Brass Band - Second Line Soul

Blackstar - David Bowie - Blackstar

Your Name is Snake Anthony - Medeski, Martin & Wood

Phase Dance - Pat Metheny Group - Travels

The Red One - John Scofield & Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House From Here

Everybody's Party - John Scofield & Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House From Here

Trigonometry - Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman - Song X

Grebfruit - Benny Greb - Grebfruit

The Messenger - Kurt Elling - The Messenger

Is That A Riot? - Youngblood Brass Band - Is That a Riot?

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