Chicago's Mungion had Van, Trailer and Equipment Stolen, and is Asking For Help

Without a doubt one of Chicago’s most exciting up-and-coming jam bands, Mungion, faced some bad luck this week.

The band had their van and trailer stolen in Detroit last week, at the beginning of their first headlining tour. With their instruments, amps, merch, monitors and lighting rig inside, the estimated loss was more than $40,000.

The band still drove to New York for a show the following night, claiming "the show must go on."

Earlier today, Mungion started a GoFundMe for $41,500, the estimated value lost.

The band posted the following on their Facebook page:

Last weekend, while on the road, we were staying out in Detroit, MI and woke up to find our van and trailer stolen along with all of our instruments, gear, lights and other valuable belongings. Although we are grateful that everyone is safe, our livelihood was taken from us in the blink of an eye. After going from door to door in the neighborhood we were able to track down some surveillance video that showed two men breaking in and stealing our van and trailer. Unfortunately, there was not much the authorities or anyone could do. After filling the police report and talking to neighbors, we piled up in a hatchback and drove 6 hours to New York to play, because the show must always go on!

Our very first TOUR as a headlining band is coming up in the next week, and we need your help to get us back on our feet. Everything that was taken from us is estimated at around $41,500 total. Now more than ever, we need the help from our Mung Family to puck us back up and make the force even stronger! Any donations will help, big or small. We promise to reciprocate all of the positive energy and love through each and every show we play. We are able to do what we love because of ALL of you and could not imagine going through this journey alone. WE thank you in advance for all of your help, love, and support. We know that something like this will only make us stronger.

Love, Mungion

Obviously, we never want to see something like this happen to such a talented local band. Please help out by visiting the GoFundMe page here. 

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