Photos / Video / Recap | The Wailers + Mungion @ Sideouts 6/10/17

By: Zach Stone


The Wailers were a legendary headliner, but openers Mungion provided as much fireworks at an early summer night at Sideouts Bar & Eatery in Island Lake.

While the City of Chicago may claim Mungion nowadays, the band also has ties near this McHenry County location and that connection was felt throughout an extended 90 minute opening slot.

It provided for a potent one-two with the headliners, who performed the iconic compilation album Legend by Bob Marley & The Wailers in it's entirety. 


The performance space at Sideouts is outdoors and covered in sand, with tropical drinks and beach volleyball courts rounding out a very fun atmosphere that boosted the profile of both of these bands.

Mungion started their set teasing "Hindsight" from their debut album Scary Blankets, before going a capella for a comedic song called "Banana Man", setting the stage for lead vocalist and guitarist Justin Reckamp to bust out some inflatable toys and throw them out into the crowd.

They then started jamming again and played a few songs off the forthcoming Ferris Wheel's Day Off which is expected sometime this fall. New songs included "Justice", "Chatterbox" and "Disco Rice" -- all which capture (and build upon) the proggy/jammy hybrid found on Blankets.


Like their recent opening slot for Spafford at Bottom Lounge, this (even bigger) venue was packed from start to end of their set.

Mungion showcased tightness and diversity, easily transitioning between their own takes on unexpected genres -- from funk to bluegrass to Latin to jazz to jam to progressive math rock (hello, music nerds).


After a joyous run through "Nuthead", the band crafted a fine pairing off a jammed out "Ferris Wheel's Day Off" and  "Makanda".

The band's debut of The Doors' "Peace Frog" followed by "(S.L.A.P.) Squeal like a Pig" each showcased both Matt Kellen (drums) as well as Sean Carolan's effortless bass slapping.


The band then teased "Hindsight" one more time before ending their set with "My Darling Troll" -- a high intensity ride that set the table for the mellow vibes of The Wailers.

Mungion set list: 

Hindsight [1] > Banana Man, Justice, Chatterbox, Disco Rice > Nuthead, Ferris Wheel's Day Off [2], Makanda, Peace Frog [3] > Squeal Like a Pig (S.L.A.P.) [4], Hindsight > My Darling Troll [5]


[1] Hindsight was unfinished.

[2] Ferris contained extended jams

[3] first time played

[4] first time played

[5] contained vox jam


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