The Genius Of James Jamerson Visualized

Apparently, this has been around since early last year, but it's the first time it's been on my radar.

Here's a graphic score of James Jamerson's bassline on Stevie Wonder's "I Was Made To Love Her".

It's quite beautiful for a number of reasons.  It truly shows the genius of what Jamerson brought to this, and countless other Motown songs in a unique way.  The simple black white and grey color scheme is powerful in and of itself.  The visual format conveys dynamics in a way that just listening to this great song cannot.

Finally, the whole thing was created by Vulfpeck's Jack Stratton, whose outside-the-box thinking, reverence for his musical heroes and dedication to the craft come through in every note that band plays.

Vulfpeck will appear at this weekend's Lockn' Festival and make two appearances next weekend in Chicago, Saturday at the North Coast Music Festival and at a Sunday night after party.

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