Photo Gallery: EOTO @ Concord Music Hall


We're experiencing a bit of a String Cheese renaissance around these parts lately.  First, we've been covering the potential three night run that we are expecting them to drop on Chicago any moment now.  Then, we had the pleasure of catching them at September's Phases Of The Moon festival and were able to share some excellent video of that gig.

Now Rickie Kostiner checks in with a set of photos from the band's rhythm section, who perform a live, wholly improvised brand of EDM as EOTO.  Michael Travis and Jason Hann played two show's at Chicago's Concord Music Hall at the end of September, a Friday show and a late night gig on Saturday.  Of course, each was completely different.

Rickie couldn't be more enthusiastic: "They have no recorded songs or guidelines... working together seamlessly to provide a combination of bass heavy beats and rock and roll jams".  And that's only half of it.  As you can see from her gallery below, they are committed to a pretty awesome visual component as well, that doesn't skimp on the lasers.  Lasers!


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