Notes From The Jazz Underground Welcomes You

Welcome to the first installment of Notes From The Jazz Underground on The Barn Presents.  Mr. Paul Abella wears many hats: percussionist, bandleader, music director at WDCB 90.9 FM in Glen Ellyn, and also host of a weekly show, the titular Notes From The Jazz Underground, a two hour Friday night radio program that occupies that crazy space between jazz and rock.  Those who know Paul know that he's found quite a home for himself in that space.  His band, Paul Abella Trio, are self described "jazz nerds" who have been known to cover Metallica or the Grateful Dead.

We're happy to bring Paul aboard to share his Friday night playlists with you in hopes to diversify content around here while blowing a few minds along the way.  I know mine has been.

This week's playlist showcases:

  • Chicago Artists - Eddie Harris (Paul's favorite saxophonist), William Kurk, The Hue, and Karl Seigfried, who assembled the Calvin Weston album, which features Vernon Reid, John Medeski and others.
  • New music from John Scofield and AlasNoAxis  (Paul says " this is the most fiery I've heard that band yet")
  • An avant garde feature for the week - Gerald Cleaver's Black Host
  • And the true hybrid that NFTJU is knwn for:  a mini set featuring Phish's "Cars Trucks and Buses",  Tony Williams Lifetime and Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Complete Playlist:

Funky Doo Eddie Harris High Voltage
Nena William Kurk The Sound Volume 2
Scotown John Scofield Uberjam Deux
Super K's Jim Black's AlasNoAxis Antiheroes
Test-Sunday Black Hope Life in the Sugar Candie Mines
Don Johnson The Hue Unscene
The Barbarian Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer
Spectrum Tony Williams Lifetime Emergency!
Cars Trucks & Buses Phish Billy Breathes
Hurricane Season Trombone Shorty Backatown
Thank You Boys Janes Addiction Nothing's Shocking
Ten Minutes to Four Eddie Harris Eddie Harris Sings the Blues
Roman Subway Chris Morrissey North Hero
Alloy Steve Lehman Artificial Light
Moon Glide Praful Pyramid in Your Back Yard
La Danse du Bonheur Shakti & John McLaughlin A Handful of Beauty
After the Cosmic Rain Chick Corea Return to the Seventh Galaxy
Echidna's Arf/Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? Frank Zappa Roxy & Elsewhere
Byrdland Calvin Weston Of Alien Feelings


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