Infographic: How Smart Phones Have Changed Concerts & Music Festivals

Sometimes these "sponsored" infographics can be annoying, but this one provides a view interesting tidbits illuminating how today's cellphones has transformed the festival experience.  What it wants to communicate is that these festivals are peak experiences that we want to share, prolong, and relive and this technology affords us this for better or for worse.  That's definitely true.

At the same time, we need sometimes need to just let go and take in the atmosphere at these multi-sensory events.  Being tethered to your smart phone can have a deadening effect.

As Jeff Tweedy points out (check out the video below), whatever can be captured this way is inferior to an unfettered recollection of the event.  "You are forfeiting your memories for an imperfect medium. You can just live your life.  You don't have to document everything."

And yes, I am aware of the irony of relishing a rant against cell phones at concerts that was very likely captured and shared via a cell phone.  I embrace this conflict and though I'll continue to enjoy hearing from friends and seeing one-of-a-kind moments captured and shared on youtube, I do hope we see some trending away from seeing 100's of glowing rectangular screens constantly held in the air.

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