Friday Linkafication: Alpine’s Got Camping, But Who’s Playing?

Bob Weir prepping a collaboration with the Marin Symphony Orchestra (facebook)

Buy Jerry's old house -- maybe its me, but this just isn't how I pictured it (but I doubt it would sell if it looked like it does in my imagination.

Lengthy and informative interview with the amazing Joe Russo over at

Everybody's (least?) favorite NBA star gets raked over the coals Onion Sports Network style.

An incredibly insightful essay on the fragile ecosystem of scaplers, promoters, artists and fans from Consequence of Sound

My Morning Jacket building up just a teensy bit of hype for the forthcoming album, Circuital

Alpine Valley camping approved for this summer, but will there be any worthwhile shows?

Video Time!

Conan on the iPad 2

Neil Young via Radiohead's Thom Yorke

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