PHOTOS / VIDEO | Pigeons Playing Ping Pong @ Turner Hall 3/1/18

Photos: Adam Miszewski


I'm going to say it.  Beyond just their name, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has a jambandy aesthetic that makes String Cheese Incident seem reserved, self-serious and demure by comparison.

But good on them for just embracing the fuck out of it.  And you can't say the audience hasn't responded.


The crowd on a March night at Turner Hall in Milwaukee dug deep into the four-piece's bombastic funk, extended jams and outsized personality -- photographer Adam Miszewski was on hand to capture the full technicolor experience as it went down.


The photos provide as much help as to appreciate the band as much as queuing up the music.  

They strive for a whatever-works style of jamband optimism on stage -- and they personify it in these shots: wild hair, goofball expressions, bonzo light show for a club band, a "fashion" sense that is so meta that it ceases to be meta anymore.  Think too hard about PPPP and you can drive yourself into a spiral of interpretation and misinterpretation.

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At last, you just have to surrender.  

They just want to provide a funky good time and they 100% deliver on that. If there's no room for that in the world of music, well... what hope do we have?

More evidence?  Check out their set-closing version of "F U N K" courtesy of Patrick McIntyre.

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