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"That was odd". A simple Mike Gordon quote during Sunday's "Harpua" referred to an on-stage stunt, but pretty much summed up an entire weekend of shows. It was the weirdest weekend of music I've ever experienced, and not always the "good kind" of weird.

I've been seeing concerts -- lots of concerts -- for 24 years and never once in my recollection have I had single set cut short or show cancelled because of weather. It happened twice during the Phish weekend in Chicago.

That certainly complicates any attempt to assess the music played over the weekend, but it also offers so much more to consider, especially with respect to the overall experience, the venue and the legacy of Phish in Chicago..

Basically, there was too much going on, on stage and in my head, to write a traditional review that incorporated all of this, so I'm offering two separate and distinct pieces. The first is a review of the venue (which I believe was the source of so much of what made the event "odd") and the second tries to make sense of the music over the course of what, through any lens, have to be considered disjointed shows.

Venue Review: FirstMerit Bank Pavillion Earns A Demerit

Music Review: All We Need Is Just A Little Patience

And there's much more.  Here's complete coverage, both on and off site, of what went down in Chicago:


Reviews: The Skinny (Jambase) - "Harpua... wonderful and awful" - Online Phish Tour - The Chicago Way (Zac Cohen) - Explaining Chicago's Harpua (One Phish Two Phish) - Mr. Miner "Look... The Storm's Gone" - Scents & Subtle Sounds - LawnMemo - Live Music Blog (3 Night Recap)

Photos: Phish From The Road

Audio: Phish Tracks - Download Complete Show (.zip mp3) from The Barn

Video: Maze - EnergyHarpua (Poster Nutbag The Right Way) > Antelope - Entire Show (Webcast Rip)


Reviews: Scents & Subtle SoundsMr. Miner / "A Bit Too Ordinary" - The Skinny (Jambase) - Three Set Special (One Phish Two Phish) - -

Photos: Phish From The Road

Video: David Bowie -  Slave - Entire Set Two (Aud) - Official LivePhish Video (Ocelot > Light) - Entire Show (Webcast Rip)... starts 30 min in

Audio: Phish Tracks - Download Complete Show (.zip mp3) from The Barn


Reviews: Online Phish TourScents & Subtle Sounds - Chicago Tribune - Coventry Music - The Skinny (Jambase) - Phish Thoughts -

Photos: Jambase (nice work M. Kaiz) - Phish From The Road

Video: Phish calls it quits during Caspian - Scent Of A Mule46 Days - The Storm Rolls In - Set One (Webcast Rip) - Set Two (Webcast Rip)

Audio: Phish Tracks - Download Complete Show (.zip mp3) from The Barn

Ten Things Phish Can Do To "Make Up" For The Evacuation

Second City Appearance by Gordon & Fishman on Friday -- this time with Bieber's Guitarist.


Phish Fan's Guide To Chicago - Summer 2013 Edition

A useful Venue Frequently Asked Questions post -- more than you'd ever want to know.

Will Pearl Jam and Phish find each other in Chicago this weekend? The animated gif in this post says "maybe"

Official collectible merchandise for the Chicago run - Coins & Triptych Poster!

Mike Gordon was coaxed on stage Thursday night at Chicago's famed Second City

What will they play?  Check the rotation Infographic





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