Who Listens To Online Radio? [Chart]

Who listens to online radio?  If it's not you, take a look to your right or left... it's probably that guy.

A new study from Edison Research shows that 136 million Americans over the age of twelve have listened in the last week.

Check out the growth from this chart that they published.


Since I've never been one who "got" Pandora and the ilk, with their achingly repetitive and narrowly focussed playlists -- especially in a world where every song ever is available to you (even sometimes without paying), I break it down like this.

  • Terrestrial radio is similarly infuriating, and ingratiating, with even more commercial interruptions
  • Satellite radio should probably come down in price
  • People don't give a shit / don't want to actively choose what to listen to.

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