Old Shoe Goes Acoustic, Loads Up Plate For Spring & Summer (Setlist, Video)

Chicago based Old Shoe has always been a folk-leaning rock band, but it wasn't until earlier this month that they decided to unplug completely for a set.  They did just that at the scene of their former local residency, Ace Bar.  The complete setlist and some fine videos are included below.

Acoustic is just one of the many new directions that band has been taken lately.  They host a winter festival this weekend in Kankakee ("Snow Shoe"), plan a trip out to Colorado in the Spring and will be playing a post-Panic show just a stone's throw from the UIC Pavilion on the Friday night of their upcoming run.

They have also recently announced the return of Shoe Fest for its third year -- the festival will return to Camp Shaw-waw-nas-see on September 6, 7 & 8.  They have also secured lineup spots at Summer Camp and Wakarusa.  A full plate can do nothing but good things for a band, so we're excited to see what 2013 will bring.

Setlist 1/10/13 - Ace Bar (Acoustic)

Take That Road, Mojito, How Mountain Girls Can Love, Last Scarlet Dance, If You Want To, Dust Bowl, Beer, Fox On The Run, Life You Earn, Loco Motive, Night Riders Lament, Mouth of the Lion, Helpless*
E: Let Yourself In > Riders on the Storm > Let Yourself In*

* With Jaik Willis

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