Jimmy Tebeau Pleads Guilty, LiveNation Gets A Wrist Slap, Mickey Hart's Still Weird, More...

I had the chance to meet Jimmy Tebeau, bass player for St. Louis band The Schwag and former impresario of midwest festivals, at a Barn event last summer.  One heck of a nice guy, so it's a shame that his legal situation has come to this  -- a guilty plea to federal drum charges

It is not uncommon to discount Mickey Hart's solo career as indulgent, but this jambase interview confirms that he can be delightfully weird

Mega-promoter / venue owner LiveNation's shareholders are sending a message regarding executive compensaton and corporate goverance in light of recent poor performance

A couple of these other stories are a bit older, but certainly worthy of a link:

Downstate man, named Led Zeppelin II, leaves the mortal coil

A great longread.  The rise and fall of Turntable.fm -- interesting take on fickle nature of music related tech and social platforms

One of my favorite writers, Chuck Klosterman, spends one evening with two much-maligned bands:  Nickelback & Creed



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