Jerry On Jerry: The Unpublished Interviews - A Review In Eight Tweets

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To say that I was inspired by Jerry On Jerry: the Unpublished Jerry Garcia Interviews is something of an understatement.  Sure, there seem to be a surplus of Grateful Dead related books hovering around the 50th anniversary, but this is the one that's pure, unadulterated, cover-to-cover Jerry.

And really, the Grateful Dead portions of this book were among the relatively uninteresting parts.  This volume soars when it reads like a philosophy book -- Jerry on art, culture, politics, the things that inspired him to make his music. 

So here's my review in eight tweets.

It should be noted that I did listen to the audiobook edition of Jerry On Jerry.  Let me make clear, this edition features the actual audio from the interviews in the print edition.  That's right, you hear every considered nuance, laugh and smirk from Jerry himself.  What a joy he must have been to interview!

For a taste, check out this recently surfaced interview with Garcia by Studs Terkel for his radio program.  Like the book, Jerry covers topics both mundane (playing in Egypt) and quite surprising (Bruce Springsteen).  Worth a listen...

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