Festival Watch | North Coast Music Festival

North Coast Music Festival – August 31 – September 2 @ Union Park

Headliners To Watch

Jamiroquai – Easily the biggest name in this announcement, the British funk act will perform its first Chicago show in more than a decade. Performing Sunday night, it’s the perfect headliner for this show, combining fun, funky vibes with enticing visuals.

Miguel – R&B mainstay Miguel will perform Friday night, another extremely fun option for the festival. Combining a modern pop sound with the likes of Prince, the set should offer a diverse blend of styles and songs to keep things interesting.

DJ Snake – DJ Snake, from Paris, France, will act as the EDM headliner for the weekend, performing on Saturday night. Known for collaborations, the producer has a stacked repertoire of danceable songs ready for the fest.


The Undercards

Vulfpeck – Michigan funk band Vulfpeck have exploded in popularity in recent years, thus earning a spot toward the top of North Coast’s bill. With a live show that combines fun vibes with killer musicianship, this will surely be one of the can’t-miss sets of the weekend.

Moon Taxi – Despite moving in a decidedly more pop-oriented direction with their latest album, Moon Taxi maintain an incredible live show, packed with talented instrumentals and infectious songwriting.

Tauk – Jazz-fusion masterminds Tauk have been on a steady rise in recent years, and their placement at the festival is perfect. In a set filled with hip-hop, funk and electronic sets, these guys should please the jam crowd.

The Revivalists – This seven-piece group from New Orleans will act as the alternative-rock go-to at the fest, bringing their catchy songwriting and hard-hitting live show on Saturday night.


You Need To Know

Taking place at Union Park at the end of August, the festival is big without being massive. Three-day passes are $129, with one-day passes beginning at $45 but functioning on a tiered system. VIP tickets are also available.


The Bottom Line

With a lineup that focuses on funk, R&B, hip-hop and electronic acts, North Coast Music Festival is, above all else, fun. With huge names like Jamiroquai combining with smaller, local acts and up-and-comers, it’s a lineup that offers a little something for everyone, and certainly promises a party.

Check out the poster for the intial lineup below, and buy tickets here.

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