What is a "Spotlight Show"?

The five shows we produced in The Barn 1.0 era were a bit like a laboratory experiment.  Our commitment to our audience was to bring the experience of seeing music in the city to the burgeoning community of music fans in our neck of the woods.  We plastered posters up all over town, sold tickets in advance, brought in primo sound and lighting systems and built excitement with weeks of intense hype.  We stirred all of these elements in a petri dish and waited and watched for what would come out.

What emerged was some fantastic music, genuine great times, some sell-outs (and near sell-outs); but with limited resources and without a dedicated venue for events, we just couldn't do enough to build the community like we wanted to.  With the launch of The Barn 2.0, it became clear to us... we need more shows.  Hence, the concept of the spotlight show was born

So how does a show qualify to be a spotlight show?  Well, typically, it will have one or more of the following characteristics:

- it is at a venue that we know, trust and are excited for our community to experience
- features a band that performs the music that fits The Barn aesthetic
- offers  something unique, memorable or out-of-the-ordinary providing that "city-like" feel somewhere in the 'burbs
- there is a buzz -- amongst our community and the music scene at large -- people are excited about it

What will be different?

-There will be more of them!  Since we don't book 'em, we can do as many as we see fit
-The venues will book and manage the show and be responsible for the overall production quality (contact them for questions about the event)
- Our promotion will range anywhere from a brief mention on our site to some full blown articles, interviews and posters that we've done in the past
- We may not always be able to capture and offer audio, video and photographs for spotlight shows -- but we'll try and, as always we welcome your contributions
- In most cases, we will not offer advanced tickets

- The performers can range from anything from a nationally known touring act to a solo acoustic performance or an open mic night.  We just want to get the word out!

Our first two spotlight shows, are both at Brixie's in Brookfield.  The scene of the last two Barn 1.0 events, those in attendance know what kind of fun there is to be had there.

On Saturday, October 30, Brixies will host a Halloween Party featuring Vicarious:  A Tool Tribute.  Did we mention that spotlight shows were out-of-the-ordinary?  There will be an outrageous costume contest with prizes for best and worst costume (one rule... no nudity).  Brixie's will offer specialty drinks and will feature belly dancers, burlesque dancers, special light/visual shows and a generally spooky time.  Brixie's has set up a facebook page for more information.

On Saturday, November 6, the first band to ever take the stage at a Barn event makes its return to the Western Suburbs.  Little Big Fat, gigging in support of their recently released debut CD, On A Stick, will play two sets of their improvisational rock.  We are just about as excited as can be for this show and have the word that LBF is cooking up some new material for the occasion.

Stay tuned for more spotlight shows coming up...

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