The Psychedelic Mr. Plow (and Blues and Punk and Hip Hop and...)

After pushing around a snowblower and using a shovel for a makeshift pick-axe for hours yesterday, I just couldn't get Homer Simpson's "Mr. Plow" theme song out of my head.

For those not familiar with the episode, Homer's snow-plowing business takes off driven by his low budget advertisement running on local access cable, only to have an innocent piece of friendly advice create an ultra-competitive, cut-throat showdown with his best friend Barney Gumbel (aka The Plow King).  I let my googling curiosity get the best of me and ended up landing on some pure Internet gold.

It turns out Moby produced remixes of the simple, yet effective, Mr. Plow jingle for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Simpson's.  They come in different styles, including Psychedelic, which I though friends of The Barn might enjoy.

Hope everybody is uncovered and ready to party with Blotto on Saturday.  Click on for hip-hop (righteous, with awesome video lip-synch), blues, punk rock and more Mr. Plows.
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