Widespread Panic @ The Riverside 2016 | Posters & Preview

It's that time of year again.

Widespread Panic touches down for three shows in Milwaukee starting on Friday, October 21st -- a tradition that started on Jimmy Herring's first tour with the band, and is still going strong now in his 10th year.

In years past, we've detailed many great things about this run, and word has definitely gotten out, with this year's run being the toughest tickets yet.  Of course with only eight shows and four stops on this leg of the fall tour -- and a potential touring slowdown on the way -- you might be able to see why.

It's a yearly tradition that has even earned it's own nickname -- Milwookie -- and we're glad the band has actually taken notice.  Check out this year's triptych poster, which features one of Chewie's boogeying relatives, strutting his way through the streets of Beertown.

These beauties by artist Brad Klausen at Artillery Design will be avaiable in limited quantities: 40 each night uncut, 180 cut.

If you're in town early, The Deen Ween Group and Meat Puppets and his band play at Turner Hall Ballroom.  Both are highly recommended.  For aftershow live music entertainment over the weekend, check out:

  • Miramar Theatre will feature Soap & The Main Squeeze on Saturday night
  • Fire On Water will have unofficial  after parties each night -- Friday (Smokin' Bandits), Saturday (TBD), Sunday (Overserved Gentlemen)
  • Mo's Irish Pub (that place across the street) will feature Big Something (never heard of 'em) all three nights

For more on stuff to do in town -- places to eat, drink and hangout -- check out our 2015 or 2014 preview posts. 

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