Widespread Panic Halloween Covers Through The Years

Since 1987, if Widespread Panic was touring, you could be sure they'd play a show on October 31st.  Not only that, they were always willing to put a little extra in for the Halloween show -- hell, the 1998 show even placed second in our list of the 21 Greatest Halloween Shows Of All Time.  In 25 shows that fell on the holiday, they've debuted dozens of cover songs ever since their very first.

Some went on to be rotation staples, some graced the stage only a handful of times or even once.   They've picked songs from influences recorded in six decades -- from tunes ranging from ultra-popular (The Doors, Zeppelin, The Who) to obscure leaning deep cuts, from contemporaries (R.E.M.) and bands that emerged since they've formed (Black Keys, Wilco).  They even used the day to bring songs back in the rotation long since forgotten.

I put together a chart which breaks down songs debuted each year.  For additional info, it is sorted by when the original was recorded, and color coded as to where in the show it was played (first set, second set, only set, encore).  The font sytle indicates whether it was a one-off or found it's way into Panic's repertoire.  Want to listen to Panic's version of these tunes?  Simply click the year of the performance and you'll be taken to a whole show stream via the incredible resource at panicstream.com.  Want to hear the original?   I've compiled a Spotify playlist of 82 significant covers.




Here's what's included. Also streamable from the chart page:

Panic Chicago By David Sockrider
Panic Halloween Chicago 2011 By David Sockrider

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