Video: Man Rushes Stage At Widespread Panic @ Phases Of The Moon Festival 9/14/14

Sure, there were some challenges getting in to the festival earlier in the week, but most folks had settled down and put any frustration behind them.

Apparently not this guy, who thought that deep into Panic's Sunday night headlining set was a great time to rush the stage.  Here's video via evenstev (which also includes the whole set... the assault starts at 1:06:50).

He lunges straight for Dave and grabs Nance's kit, prompting Todd and Jojo to leave the stage.  Meanwhile, JB gives the universal WTF signal and Jimmy just plays on, creating a guitar bridge from the interrupted "Bust It Big" into "Help Me Somebody".

Here's the whole setlist, via

Sept 14 | Phases Fest | Danville, IL | 9:46 CT
Set: Imitation Leather Shoes, Weight of the World, Sell Sell > You Got Yours, Clinic Cynic, Rebirtha, Party At Your Mama's House > Stop Breakin' Down Blues, Pleas > Bust It Big, Help Me Somebody, Second Skin, Angels On High, You Should Be Glad, Conrad, Sharon, Action Man, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Chainsaw City (156ish mins)

More from this festival in the days to come.


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