The Last Jedi Now Has A Theme Song (wink) And It's An Indie-Rock Gem

News spread quickly last week that Star Wars: Episode VIII had a fresh new title: The Last Jedi.

And while filmgoers will have to wait until December to see what the exactly that title refers to (though there is no shortage of speculation), Mountain Goats' John Darnielle has took his own swipe at it -- to the approval of the film's director.

"The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Others and Eats Their Bones" is the result -- gruesome in lyric but bouncy and happy in tune.  Try to make it through without cracking a smile.

Director Rian Johnson certainly thought so, jokingly declaring it "canon" -- the ultimate sign of respect in the Star Wars universe.

Darnielle offers some insight into how it came together (via Twitter, of course) on his feed...

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