The Great JRAD Brooklyn Bowl Media Roundup

Photo: Silver Sandorman

One beautiful and reliable thing about JRAD is their steady stream of free, high quality video and audio recordings of their recent shows.  While we're so grateful for them, sometimes it hurts just a little to wait, especially after runs like the Brookfyn Bowl March extravaganza that  graced two mid-March weekends.

Luckily, some tapers were in attendance.  Oddly, they didn't make it to or and we only came across them through sheer social media excavation.  So these audio recordings are unsourced (step forward if you know where they came from), but still sound damn good.  I'm sure the offical JRAD recordings will surface soon, but in the meantime, stream or download these herre.

There's also a treasure trove of great videos from YouTuber LazyLightning55a and even some (*ahem*) web rips that I've tucked away at the bottom of this post, as I imagine they won't last log on YouTube.

Working backwards from the second weekend, we've already posted a Thursday, March 16th roundup, so let's start with Friday, March 17th.

The entire Costello setlist.

Show #104 
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Set One (9:43PM - 10:51PM)
Sitting On Top Of The World (TH) ->
Easy Wind @ (SM)
Eyes Of The World # (TH) ->
Drums ->
Samson & Delilah (SM)
Mission In The Rain ** (TH) ->
Loser $ (TH) ->
LA Woman Jam % ->
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad ^ (All)

Set Two (11:31PM - 12:56AM)
Jam & ->
Alligator & * (SM) ->
Fame + (MB & TH) ->
Brown Eyed Women (TH) ->
They Love Each Other @@ (TH) ->
Brown Eyed Women Reprise ## (TH)
Not Fade Away $$ (All) ->
Turn On Your Love Light (OB)
Cream Puff War (TH) >
My Brother Esau %% (SM) 
Scarlet Begonias (TH) >
Fire On the Mountain ^^(TH)

The Weight && (All)

Dave Dreiwitz is on tour with Ween.
Entire show with Oteil Burbridge on Bass & Vocals.
OB is Oteil Burbridge Lead Vox.
Oteil played 4 string bass for the majority of the night, 
but played 6 string bass on Eyes. (& I think that’s it.)

@ - “Flipped” Version - Opened with the last verse sung first. With a Black Throated Wind Tease (SM). Proceeded by blues jam connecting Sitting on Top with Easy Wind that probably included a “Vampire Blues” (Neil Young) Tease (Band)
# - With a “What’s Going On” (Marvin Gaye) Tease (SM), a “Jessica” (Allman Brothers Band) Tease (TH) & an Oteil Bass Solo
** - Not played since 2016-03-24, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2016-03-24 a gap of 35 shows.
$ - With a Tennessee Jed Tease (MB)
% - Doors cover, first time played by Almost Dead (Has been teased before). No lyrics sung.
^ - With a “Duo Jam” & without the usual instrumental “We Bid You Good Night” ending
& - With Marco Crowd Surfing
* - With a Truckin’ tease (SM)
+ - David Bowie Cover, First Time Played By Almost Dead, Partial Version. (Has been teased before.)
@@ - Partial Version, 2 verses(?) sung
## - Not Played since 2015-10-29 at Suwannee Hulaween, Live Oak, FL, a gap of 53 shows
$$ - With a “Fat Mama” (Herbie Hancock) Tease (MB), China>Rider Transition Tease (TH), a “Fat Mama” (Herbie Hancock) Jam (MB), a “Hoedown” (Aaron Copeland) Tease (MB), an “I Want Candy” (Bow Wow Wow) Tease (MB) & probably more, including for sure an ‘80s tune by a female vocalist that I can’t quite place that’s driving me nuts. :)
%% - With a “Flash's Theme aka Flash” (Queen/Brian May) Jam (MB)
^^ - With a “Borderline” (Madonna) Tease (MB)
&& - TH - Verse One (pulled into Nazareth), SM - Verse Two (picked up my bags), OB - Verse Three (Go down, Miss Moses), JR - Verse Four (Crazy Chester) & All - verse five (Catch the Cannonball)

Pre show Music was BB GM Stephen S’s Soul Mix - search Moose.Newton on Spotify
DJ Cochon De Lait DJ’d before, between sets & after
Poster by Jim Pollack - 3 Night Run, companion to last week’s Pollack. (sold out)

Bullet Point Takeaways:
-Love The Bowl!
-Love the crowd - so many moments where literally everyone in the building (& hopefully all of you on your couches) was/were completely immersed in blissful happiness. That happiness spreads like wildfire & we need it during times like these.
-The Band - So playful! So psyched!

The Stream

Download Entire Show

Moving along to the Saturday night special,  Here's the entire Costello setlist.

Show #105 - Night 6 of #MarchRADness
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Public Sound Check (5:30PM - 6:00PM)
Such A Night % (MB)
Ophelia % (SM)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down % (TH)

Set One (9:41PM - 10:52PM)
Promised Land @ (TH)
Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion (TH) >
Hell In A Bucket (SM) ->
Jam ->
Here Comes Sunshine (TH) ->
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed # ->
Here Comes Sunshine Reprise $ (TH) ->
Duo Jam ->
Ruben & Cherise % (TH) ->
Viola Lee Blues ^ % (All)

Set Two (11:25PM - 1:09AM)
Jam ->
Casey Jones & (TH) ->
Jack A Roe (TH) ->
Dancing In The Streets * % (SM) ->
Franklin’s Tower % (TH) ->
Let It Grow Jam ->
That’s The Way Jam + ->
Let It Grow (SM) @@ ->
Girlfriend Is Better Jam ## ->
Let It Grow Reprise (SM)
I Know You Rider (All)

“Thank You Sean” $$
Brokedown Palace (TH)
We Bid You Good Night %% (All)

Dave Dreiwitz is on tour with Ween.
Entire show with Oteil Burbridge on Bass & Vocals.
Oteil played 4 string bass for the majority of the night, 
but played 6 string bass on Ruben & Cherise. (& I think that’s it.)

@ - Not on the set list as written - for the late great Chuck Berry - RIP. Not played since 2015.10.31 at The Ritz, Raleigh, NC a gap of 52 shows. With a “Never Can Tell” (Chuck Berry) tease (SM)
# - Allman Brothers Band cover, not played since 2016-03-24 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, a gap of 36 shows 
 $ - Not played by Almost Dead since 2016-02-13 State Theater, Portland, ME, a gap of 38 shows 
% - With Stuart Bogie on Tenor Sax
^ - With a China Cat Sunflower Jam
& - With a “Hoedown” (Aaron Copeland) Tease (MB)
* - With a “9 to 5” Tease (MB), a “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” (Michael Jackson) Tease (MB), a “Shake Your Body” (The Jacksons) Jam, and a “I Want a New Drug” (Huey Lewis & The News) Jam that could become its own track, With Stuart Bogie on Tenor Sax
+ - Led Zeppelin Cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead, instrumental
@@ - With a “Chest Fever” (The Band) Tease (MB)
## - Talking Heads Cover, First Time Played By Almost Dead, Instrumental
$$ - With Pete Shapiro, honoring Sean Aiken, a long time Brooklyn Bowl manager working his last night.
%% - Sung a cappella, at the front of the stage, not played since 2015-10-03 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, a gap of 57 shows

Pre Show Music was DJ Uncle Mike from Doors until 8:30PM, then Sean Aiken’s Soul Mix until the set started. 
Set Break Music was a mix by DJ Cochon De Lait who also DJ’d after the show.
Poster by Jim Pollack - 3 Night Run, companion to last week’s Pollack (sold out).

Its been an honor & a pleasure sharing the last 6 shows with all of you: Bowl Staff, the raging & attentive audiences (during Brokedown & Bid You Good Night, it was the quietest BB has ever been on a Saturday night - I'm really proud of you all!) and everyone scoring at home (even if you're not) on couch tour. Thanks for sharing in the JOY!

The Stream

Download Entire Show


Joe Russo's Almost Dead @joerussosalmostdead #sirjoerusso #joerusso

A post shared by JD Cohen (@xxjdcohenxx) on

This is a nice sequence Chuckles (a Scott Metzger WOLF! original)  > Big River > Box Of Rain

Promised Land, a Chuck Berry tribute.

Casey Jones

Dancin' In The Streets > Franklin's Tower 

A Girlfriend Is Better (Talking Heads) jam that found its way into Let It Grow.

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed, stick around for the groove that transitions into Here Comes Sunshine.


And from the first weekend, here's March 9th -- JRAD's 100th Show.  They debut an original song!

The official JRAD matrix recording of the March 10th show.

Download Entire Show

The entire March 11th show via

Download 3/11/17 via

The entire March 16th Show

The entire March 17th Show

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