The Evolution Of Concert Hands

InfoGraphics come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the data rich, statistics heavy like The Barn's Furthur Rotation InfoGraphic, to the example below, which is really more of a comic or than. Still, we cast a wide net for music related InfoGraphics, and so we're happy to share the following which we collected from

Anybody who's been to their share of shows over the last several decades has surely noticed this evolution. I'm just disappointed that the brief flirtation with holding up the flip phone towards the stage so your friends at home can listen, too, didn't make the cut. It briefly came into vogue circa 1999, when cell phones and the cheap minutes reached a saturation point, but prior to video recordable smart phones becoming "the thing".

No doubt some watchable video is produced from those who have the patience and gear to make it happen, but the bands are starting to take notice, and some of them ain't happy.  I have to wonder if people will begin to realize what this comic so succinctly sums up (see more at

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