Tedeschi Trucks Band Members To Release All-Improv Album

Tedeschi Trucks Band just released an incredible live album and is touring Europe, while some of its individual members (who are not named Tedeschi or Trucks), are getting out there and releasing music and gigging on their own.

Whose Hat Is This? was recorded live in Berlin in 2015, a totally improvised set led by bass ubermench Tim Lefebrve and accompanined by TTB drummers JJ Johnson and Tyler Greenwall, and sax player Kebbi Williams.

The album can be pre-ordered from Lebebrve's new website.  It is $20 and will be shipped on April 9th.

The group is also performing tonight in Berlin at the same venue it was recorded (A-Trane) to celebrate.  Check out this quartet in action stateside -- at 55 Bar in New York City -- this past fall.

Here's Tim, along with Derek and Susan (and their respective techs) providing a rundown of their TTB gear.

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