Should You Buy Beatles Tracks On Itunes?

After much wringing of hands and rampant speculation, The Beatles back catalog was finally released this week on the Itunes Music Store.  As momentous of an occasion as Apple is making this out to be, you may be wondering... after purchasing these tracks on vinyl, eight-track, cassette, CD, and mini-disc, in their original, reissued and remastered form, do I really need to purchase these tracks as digital downloads on Itunes?

Well, we at The Barn believe a handy flow chart can make difficult decisions like this easy.  Here is one collected from Graph Jam that cuts to the heart of the issue.

Of course, not many people followed this advice.  Despite the fact that these downloads cost more than actual CDs that you can hold in your hand, lend to a friend, play in a CD player AND upload to your Itunes library, they have 20 of the top 100 tracks in the Itunes Store and 17 of the top albums.

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