Setlist / Video | Wilco @ Pitchfork Festival 7/17/15


I can only think of one other instance of a band debuting an entire album's worth of material in one show. On Halloween 2013, Phish ran down a dozen new songs as a part of the Wingsuit set, a musical costume playing "an album from the future."

Of course, that was similar but not exactly to what emerged in 2014 as Fuego.

Wilco flipped the script, debuting all of the songs, in order, from the surprise released Star Wars that was unleashed on Thursday, the day after it was made public. 

Given that their flagship music festival was held in Massachusetts, I'm glad they saved a huge event for the hometown Chicago crowd. 

The rest of the set was filled with a wide selection from their impressive catalog. 

Wilco - Pitchfork Festival 
Friday, July 17th, 2015

EKG (played over the PA as the band took the stage), More…, Random Name Generator, The Joke Explained, You Satellite, Taste The Ceiling, Pickled Ginger, Where Do I Begin, Cold Slope, King of You, Magnetized, Handshake Drugs, Kamera, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart > Art Of Almost, Via Chicago, Impossible Germany, Red-Eyed and Blue, I Got You (At the End of the Century) > Outtasite (Outta Mind), Heavy Metal Drummer, I'm The Man Who Loves You

- via jambase

We'll add more video as it becomes available. Here's a couple from seijinlee

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