Science and $843 Million Will Buy You An Acoustically Perfect Concert Hall

Your favorite band may not be playing here anytime soon, but if this classical auditorium in Hamburg Germany -- part of a complex called Elbphilharmonie -- ever starts expanding its programming, maybe start looking into plane tickets?

It is designed, by algorithm, to be an acoustically perfect room.  The 10,000 unique acoustic panels give it a bizarre other-wordly look, but also help shape and control the sound within the hall.  Over 1 million tiny divots within the panels absorb or scatter sound waves in complementary ways.

Here's a diagram of these cells -- explaining what exactly I couldn't tell you -- via Wired Magazine.

The desigers used algorithms to create the arresting design of the room and articulate the perfect placement of these panels, creating a marriage of aesthetic and function that is.

The price tage?  A cool $843 million.  Gotta sell a lot of tickets to make that back.

Check out a 360 degree view of the hall by clicking the image below and find out more here.


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