SCI Added, Curates Lunar Landing Conspiracy For First Year Of Phases Of The Moon

We can end speculation about the curious first year festival with impeccable jam credentials but questionable logistics.

In what has to be the worst kept secret in this year's festival announcement crop, String Cheese Incident will snag the final headlining spot, and with that announcement we get a little clarity on order of events.

SCI owns the first two nights of the fest with a standard set on Thursday and curation of the Lunar Landing Conspiracy on Friday.

We know a bit more about LLC, too, as Cheese promises an "all star", "multi sensory" experience. My guess: some combination of narrative elements (moon centric) and enhanced visuals (think lasers, LCD screens, aerialists). I'm guessing they won't incorporate senses of touch, smell and taste but you never know.

This latest bit of news comes paired with a full announcement video and a deadline. Tier one ticket pricing ends June 19th.

Already pricey at early bird levels ($57.50/day), I'm curious to see what effect a rise this early will have on sales.

I strongly suspect (hope) single day packages will be made available, despite the challenges this presents for a camping style fest.

The combination of four day commitment, out-of-the-way location and mid-September date makes kind of a tough sell for the older demographic that this lineup skews towards (Ratdog / Panic). The video above has less than 2500 views as of press time (3 days after it was published).

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.11.12 AM

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