RIP Double Door 1994-2017

It's been a long, protracted battle, but it appears the Double Door has finally lost its battle with its landlords. is reporting that police have slapped a "No Trespassing" sign on the door of the iconic Wicker Park club, while moments later a locksmith was seen changing the locks.

While a judge had previously extended a proposed December 31st closing date, in just over a month they were evicted nonetheless.

The future is unclear.  The venue's website and social media accounts remain active, and reports from late 2016 had the owners eyeing a Logan Square location.

For now, we still have the memories. That includes the famed Stones "secret show" back in 1997 and countless others (this Garage A Trois set from '15 was incredible).


Double Door evicted, locksmith changing locks #wickerpark

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