Monday (?) Linkafication

I typically post these link roundups on Fridays, but didn't get around to it last Friday and had too many could links to not share this week.  So here's your first ever Monday Linkafication:

Chicagoans!  North Coast Music Festival is this weekend.  Here are five reasons why you should go.

Don't you love it when so many intriguing things come together in one package?  Parks And Recreation' s Michael Schur  (aka Fire Joe Morgan's Ken Tremendous) directs a Decemberists video based on David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest.  Read about it in the New York Times.

Speaking of the NYT, here's a cool op-ed about a dad coming to grips with his rock roots

The avclub offer five Bob Dylan parodies

And on the subject of lists, here are thirty of the best musician-on-musician disses of all time via flavorwire.  Holy shit, I think Anton Newcombe wins for most severe:

“People talk about Eric Clapton. What has he ever done except throw his baby off a fuckin’ ledge and write a song about it?” - Anton Newcombe

Video Time!

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