'Long Strange Trip' Premiered At Sundance And The Reviews Are In

By May, Amazon Video subscribers will get a chance to watch (or maybe more appropriately binge-watch) the nearly four hour documentary on the Grateful Dead, Long Strange Trip, which had its world premiere last night at the Sundance Film Festival.

There's a whole cottage industry of chronicling the Grateful Dead in print and film, and I'd forgive even the most hardcord Deadhead for being weary of re-treading the same story.

But this film has a different kind of pedigree, with Martin Scorcese producing and noted documentarian Amir Bar-Lev behind the lens, there was enough hope that this might not be your typical story.

Those in attendance last night appear to be confirming this, at least with their tweets.

From film reviewer Jordan Hoffman

Although at first, it appears to follow practices of a standard rock doc...

If you were concerned that it would focus on the sweet, and not enough of the bitter, @mashable entertainment editor says "no".

More praise of the film's nuance from AVClub writer Noel Murray.

Bob, Billy, Mickey, and Trixie joined Bar-Lev at a Q&A post show.  Kreutzmann work his pussy hat.


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