Notes From The Jam Underground

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This installment of Notes From The Jazz Underground features the playlist based on the January 31st show.

This was the show broadcast the day after found Umphrey's McGee drummer Mike Mirro had passed so NFTJU host Paul Abella built the playlist around some UM material.

First featuring Mirro, "Nothing Too Fancy" from Local Band Does O.K. and then featuring current drummer Kris Myers: the remarkable "In the Kitchen" sequence from Live at the Murat.

That led to jazzy/jammy stuff from Family Groove Company, Bonzo Terks, OM Trio, Spare Parts and Phish.  Toss in some Jeff Beck, Greyboy Allstars and a tune by Paul's own band, the Paul Abella Trio (his debut at the Jazz Showcase the following Sunday), and you have a show.

And since Branford was in town that night, he also offered a couple of sides of Branford that they might not have heard before, in case they tuned in on their way home: note Buckshot LeFonque and the killer Estimated Prophet from 12/16/94.

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Complete Playlist

Zola Rita Bonzo Terks Quartet
Wrath of the Solids Family Groove Company Live
Get Lucky Soul Rebels Power = Power
Cars Trucks Buses Phish Billy Breathes
The Blackwidow Blues Buckshot LeFonque Buckshot LeFonque
Estimated Prophet Grateful Dead (w/Branford Marsalis) December 16, 1994 (live)
Don't Let the World Pass You By Spare Parts Bright Minor
Blue Wind Jeff Beck with The Jan Hammer Group Live
Nothing Too Fancy Umphrey's McGee Local Band Does O.K.
In the Kitchen Umphrey's McGee Live at the Murat
Diminishing Blackness Greyboy Allstars Inland Emperor
Battery Paul Abella Trio A Change in Plans
Can A Good Thing Last Forever Joshua Redman Elastic
TorS Om Trio Globalpositioningrecord

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