Infographic: The Periodic Table Of Jazz

A sure fire way to get your infographic some attention is to find a way to squeeze your info into a Periodic Table.  It''s even better if you can use the format to imbue a little meaning on into your data (check out this Periodic Table of Phish).

That's just what the designers at Red Raspus music had in mind when they created this print that provides a crash course in the art of jazz style improvisation and innovation.

The rows equate to the decades since jazz emerged in the 20s with Louie Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton in the 20s.  Color codes signify the innovator's instrument of choice.  Miles Davis even gets a special color (and a listing in the 50s, 60s AND 70s).

Almost every jazz artist of significance makes an appearance.  Crossover Barn favorites like Josh Redman, Medeski Martin & Wood and The Bad Plus even get squares of their own.

Click For Enlarged, More Readable View

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