Friday Linkafication: We Love The Onion Edition

Man, I love the Onion.  Many Linkafications have included videos. When I first realized they were filling off weeks this summer with a summer music edition, a rehash of music related articles fro the past, I figured I'd link up one or two of the best stories.  It turns out that the hits just kept coming, so here are eight (!) of the best:

InfoGraphic: Summer Music Festival Tips

Yet another deadlocked Congress

I would definitely be yelling "Judas" - Dylan goes electronica

This is cool but I'll be waiting for the UB40 Concept Mission

Finally, some real concern for the good citizens of Northeast Ohio

I guess it was just a phase - Dave Matthews moves on but Zeppelin is forever

Pitchfork gives music a 6.8

And in other news...

Robbie Robertson honored with a stamp

Coen brothers will make another music based film - YES!

Video Time!

Many kinds of awesome, Chicago based Van Ghost with Allie Kral of Cornmeal, covering Warren:

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