Friday Linkafication: Fire Alarm Jam and Dancing Wookies

The curator of our the I Love Charts tumblog offers his top ten song charts - Beatles, Clash, Ramones all make the list

My Morning Jacket jams out a little on their newest tune

Whoever writes the FAQ pages for Phish festivals certainly knows how to tickle my funny bone.  the latest for Super Ball IX was released this week.

Uptown Sound bassist Ben Taylor talks about going from marching band to rock band

Via XRT, David Byrne Settles "Big Suit"... get it?  He's getting paid off for unauthorized use of "Road To Nowhere" in a political ad.

Video Time!

We just published our Furthur Spring Tour "By The Numbers" wrap-up, but perhaps the most interesting performance of the Spring didn't make a single list.  From the3/5 Boston  sound check, I give you... Fire Alarm Jam:

I've definitely seen this wookie before:

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