Father John Misty’s “Total Entertainment Forever” Video Is Totally Insane

Father John Misty made waves on the internet performing his song “Total Entertainment Forever” on SNL due to its opening line about “bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Oculus Rift.”

The songwriter has now shared a music video that takes the absurdity of the song to a whole new level.

In the video, Macaulay Culkin plays Kurt Cobain, who is being crucified via a virtual reality game played by George Washington. A group of men dressed as Ronald McDonald beat and crucify Cobain, eventually hanging him beside Bill Clinton and Jon Arbuckle from “Garfield.”

Meanwhile, Father John Misty portrays an angry Ronald McDonald with hooks for hands, encouraging the entire scene happening before him.

Even for Father John Misty, this is weird.

Watch the video below.

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