Discussions Underway For Music Festival At White Sox Park

Last summer, the music world was bowled over by the runaway success of Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day Festival.

Despite not having headlined at a Chicago venue bigger than a theatre, headlining and curating a festival style event at the south-side MLB ballpark (the now newly christened Guaranteed Rate Field) proved to be huge for the Chicago native (and White Sox fan).

Now, the government agency tasked with approving (and yes, profiting from) events like this at the stadium is looking forward to 2017.

A report in Crain's indidcates that a "multi-year agreement to stage a new Latin music festival" this June is in the works.

With $189,000 generated for the agency from this one event, you can bet that using this venue -- which provides ample parking and highway access for show-goers (unlike its northside neighbors) -- is on the mind for.

The demographic of Magnificent Coloring Day attendees is a pretty dramatic contrast to the fairly safe classic rock and mega-country acts that populate Wrigley's schedule, so future festivals, Latin music or no, could actually provide some more intriguing and adventurous lineups for stadium shows.

Stay tuned.

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