Cranky Old Rock Star Interviews, Pauls Boutique Reconstructed, Plinko Defined, Ungooglable Band Names, More...

When my favorite cranky old rock stars release new albums, they often give cranky interviews.  Here'a a few:

Writing about music isn't easy.  Writing about a specific sound (rather than a song, album or show) has to be even more difficult.  This blogger does a great job defining Phish's "plinko" sound that cropped up from time to time in recent jams.

Don't bother trying to google these bands, it's just about impossible.

What if you took work of genius, and remixed it using the original samples, vocals and extra materials?  I hate to say it, but there's an element of genius to this Paul's Boutique remix as well...

Chicago band Fort Frances has cut a beautiful version of Grateful Dead's "Ripple"

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