Amazon Echo Adds Sunshine Daydream Skill To Stream Live Dead Shows

Grateful Dead fans that own an Amazon Echo were given a pleasant surprise this week.

The Echo, which allows users to access information such as news or weather, play music, and control home devices by audio commands, is now offering hundreds of live Grateful Dead recordings using a “Sunshine Daydream skill.”

Users can ask Alexa to open Sunshine Daydream and use a number of vocal commands to play hundreds of recordings from, entirely for free.

The shows were handpicked based on sound quality and performances, offering recordings spanning the band’s 30-year history that aren’t available commercially. Listeners can move through the archives in order or shuffle.

The only thing better than having access to the music is the act of accessing them. Users can ask Alexa to:

  • “Steal my face”
  • “Keep truckin’”
  • “Let there be songs to fill the air”
  • “Play some Dead”

Users are also able to submit their favorite recordings from here, with the possibility of inclusion in the future.

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