A Double Dose Of Notes From The Jazz Underground

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This installment of Notes From The Jazz Underground features the playlist from two shows, first August 30th and the September 6th.

Once again, Paul's playlists provided some Spotify puzzles so I had to make a handful of substitions and supplements (with some videos below). Some quick things to look out for

  • One of the videos features the Chicago Latin Jazz juggernauts in Chevere. I can't believe the blog is almost four years old without a mention of this ensemble who just absolutely smoke (and claim former Flecktone Howard Levy on the impossibly great harp and keys)
  • Lots of fusion in the 8/30 episode: The Brecker Brothers, Ramsey Lewis (with Earth Wind and Fire backing him up), Al Jarreau, George Duke and in the video section Ohm (Chris Poland's band - or one of 'em anyway)
  • Jam band types will probably dig Alpha Transit, Greyboy Allstars, John Scofield, Wayne Krantz and Joshua Redman (covering Zeppelin!!). Zony Mash is one of those groups that SHOULD have gotten the same kind of attention, but never did because they didn't know the right people.
  • Jeff Beck + Stevie Wonder = WHOA!
  • We are slowly dipping this blog's toe into electronic territory with Bebel Gilberto, Daft Punk, DJ Yoda and The Elkcloner, whose album has an interesting story behind it. Chicago jazz chanteuse Rose Colella sings on a few cuts on the disc. The day it came out, she mentioned something on facebook, and no one seemed to pay it any mind. When Paul first heard it, he "went bonkers", got Filip (the Elkcloner's real name) to send him a copy, and pretty much fell in love with it. Comparing and contrasting with her disc "The Small Hours" and you'll find that it's clearly the same singer, but you'd never guess that the girl next door singing "On the Street Where You Live" is the same girl belting out Sunbird.
  • Fun fact: Dave Douglas' "Just Another Murder" steals the bass line from Bjork's "Human Behavior"
  • Finally, the version of Hot Lanta from the 8/30 show is one of the bonus tracks off the newest re-issue of Eat A Peach. The solos are different and the whole rendition is shorter and to my ears, a bit more aggressive, too.

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Complete Playlist:

Bastille Day O.H.M. Ohm
Some Skunk Funk Brecker Brothers Brecker Bros.
Sun Goddess Ramsey Lewis Sun Goddess
There You Go Fania All Stars Latin-Soul-Rock
Hey Man Nice Shot (Nickel Bag Remix) Filter Hey Man Nice Shot (single)
Western Sabbath Stomp Alex Skolnick Last Day In Paradise
Hot Lanta Allman Brothers Band Eat A Peach
I Can't Help It Esperanza Spaulding Radio Music Society
Dangerous Curve Shawn Maxwell Maxwell's House
Bomb Pop Greyboy All-Stars Inland Emperor
Thelonius Jeff Beck Wired
Sem Contencao Bebel Gilberto Brasil 2-Mil
Transition 2/Brown Sneakers George Duke Dreamweaver
Hell On Wheels Alpha Transit Alpha Transit
Let's Get Mashed Zony Mash Cold Spell
El Cojo Chevere de Chicago Secret Dream
Sunbird The Elkcloner The Elkcloner
Jan Jan Grant Green Live at Club Mozambique
You Don't See Me Al Jarreau Look to the Rainbow
Just Another Murder Dave Douglas Keystone


Complete Playlist

The Crunge Joshua Redman Elastic Band Momentum
Do Like Eddie John Scofield Hand Jive
Lose Yourself to Dance Daft Punk Random Access Memories
Walking By Your Side Manu Katche Manu Katche
Apti Rudresh Mahanthappa Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition
Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra (Cerebral Productions Remix) DJ Yoda Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra
Heavy Mental (For Wayne Krantz) Tim Berne The Shell Game
Whipper Snapper Wayne Krantz 2 Drink Minimum
The Watcher Dave Holland & Prism Prism
Tutear Family Groove Company Models & Metrics
The Periphery of Scandal Mary Halvorson Quintet Bending Bridges
Fever Dream Vandermark 5 Target or Flag
Tension Donny McCaslin Casting For Gravity
Carlos John Scofield Groove Elation
Mother Africa Santana Welcome
Monday Orbital Orbital 2
Gamma Band Kurt Rosenwinkel Star of Jupiter
Deeper Than Happy Linda Oh Initial Here

Bastille Day - OHM

Thelnoious Beck


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